Consulting & Training

Fidelity Inspection and Consulting Services, Inc. (FICS) exclusively provides consulting and oversight services to assist the relocation process. Our Consulting Services provides the highest level of due diligence, customized assistance and liability protection to relocation companies, corporate clients, and transferees. FICS has been providing these specialized and industry-recognized unique services since 1986.

Consulting Services include:

  • Detailed and targeted mold study, work scope review, bid review and guidance for severe or complex mold impacted properties
  • Oversight for Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal and UST Abandonment - including tank integrity testing, over-sight, resolution and closure
  • Provide detailed guidance for properties with suspect corrosive problematic drywall along with confirmatory HUD and CPSC inspections
  • Leader in radon testing and mitigation
  • Provides expertise on lead-based paint protocols and the new EPA Lead Safe federal regulations
  • Oversight and consulting for asbestos testing and abatement for residential housing
  • Offers guidance in EIFS and stucco concerns for residential properties
  • Consulting and oversight guidance for properties including expansive clay soil, PEX piping, PB piping, knob & tube wiring, septic systems, specialized sidings, etc.

FICS provides comprehensive Training Seminars for our customers. Our customers may choose from a full list of seminars and subject matter options. With the ability to customize our seminars to the specific needs and requests of our customers, the wealth of subject matter for consideration is endless. Industry accreditation is available for most of our training seminars as well.

Examples of our Training Seminars:

  • Property Assessment 101 - Home inspections, septic, termites, radon
  • Wood Destroying Insects – Specialized review of pest inspections
  • Underground Storage Tanks - Recognition, Response, Process, Closure
  • Private / Residential Septic Systems – Specialized review of residential waste disposal systems
  • EIFS-Synthetic Stucco - Stucco - Recognition, types, concerns, inspections, responses, management
  • General Environmental Course - Asbestos, Lead Based Paint, Radon, EMF, Water, Underground fuel oil tanks
  • Expansive Clay Soil(s) – Identification, Structural Concerns and Remedy
  • Mold - Education for the Relocation Industry with Solution-base guidance

FICS employs a training methodology and risk-managed partnership - keeping our customers informed of product, industry and business-climate changes that impact their inspection strategies.



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